What’s on my desk

Working from home means that my desk is a hub for daily activity. I’ve begun doing my Five Minute Journal here with my first cup of coffee, as I wait for my computer to wake up.

At Home Mani ft NailditCanada

Have you heard of such a journal? It’s become a key part of my morning routine, allowing me to start my day with mindful gratitude and intention. Check them out at Intelligent Change.

The Five Minute Journal: Review After Using It for Five Years | Miriam  Ballesteros
Image from Mariam Ballestros
Chinese Money Plant from Freshcut Downtown

A couple years ago, I set up my work desk according to feng-shui recommendations. The results were calming. Everything seemed to just settle into place. The above plant is at home in the abundance corner of my at the office desk. She’s so pretty, don’t you think?

Work - SleepCompare
Image from sleepcompare.com

The home office is in a constant state of change. A couple months of home school for the kiddos, and balancing two professionals working from home presented challenges. We have all happily settled into one room (if you can believe it) and the recent set up has a lovely little plant stand to my left. The unit is perfect height for my happy lamp – something that my friends enduring Canadian Winters can understand, I am sure!

So, what’s on your desk? Tell me in the comments below, your favourite/indispensable desk features!

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I believe that yoga is applicable in modern living, and I apply my direct experience to sharing guided meditations, and coming soon - yoga videos!

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