Prep for a New Week

How do you prepare for a new week? I have found my week starts off with some expectancy and preparedness if I take the temperature on some key areas of my life over the weekend.

Last weeks spread: pink has been a theme lately

The four areas that I focus on are: This Week, To Do, Where’s My $ At? and Goal Check. Let me break that down a bit. Oh and those cute stencils on the page above? Amazon, of course, and only $10!

This Week

This section gives me a chance to forecast for the week ahead. I don’t get too complicated with the layout, sometimes it’s vertical and sometimes it’s horizontal. What counts is the moment to think about what events, appts, due dates and etc. are scheduled for the days ahead.

To Do

I’m a to do list kind of girl. I like checking boxes, and I like tracking progress. This section is a place to set some short term goals/tasks that will help me, my family or my professional development.

Where’s My $ At?

Honestly, much like keeping a food diary, tracking my spending has been a huge eye opener. I’ve been jotting down where each of my accounts are at, as often as I can. (Weekly, these days, although it started as a monthly task)

I’ve challenged myself to write down every spend this year. Somehow, knowing that I will have to write that Skip the Dishes lunch in my Expense Tracker helps me not hit that purchase button.

Goal Check

In an effort to trick myself/reward myself for putting in efforts toward my goals… this section is where I am setting a few short term goals that will help me gain ground on some of my bigger goals.

I’ve also set some tantalizing little rewards here now. If I move every day for 1/2 an hour, I get to buy that blouse of Depop. If I complete (3) Headway books, I can order that Laneige lip mask I have been eyeing up.

Just like that, I’ve checked in on my finances, my goals, my schedule and any tasks that need attention this week. It’s a simple one pager that makes me feel prepared for the upcoming 7 days.

What would you add to the page? Do you like this set up?

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