From getting set up to shipping out your first order. Here’s what I picked up along the way!

I set up my Depop account earlier this year, and it fell in line with my #nonewclothes2021 goal nicely.

What is it you say? It’s one of many second hand clothing sites/apps. Users upload photos of the items they want to pass on to new homes, posting the price and description along with shipping cost.

What happens to clothes that cycle out of your wardrobe?

I did a Marie Kondo on my closet this year. The purge of clothing and accessories that I didn’t use or no longer sparked joy, left me feeling lighter. This is a whole blog post on its own so I’ll save it for another time. However. It was what happened after I purged the wardrobe, that brought me to Depop.

The very first sale!

My first sale was Feb. 3rd, 2021. I had found gifts and a sweet pair of Kate Spade boots through this gem of an app. But it was the sale that thrilled me the most.

She’s ready for her new home.

Here’s are some tips and pointers if you too want to set up a Depop account, based on my own experience!

  • Download the app and set up your profile.
  • Take well lit and clear photos of your article of clothing for sale.
  • Consider modelling the clothes, it’s easier for people to see how it fits/sits/flows.
  • Take a close up of any defects to ensure you’re being transparent about the state of the article of clothing.
  • Use descriptive words and utilize all those colour and style buttons!
  • Have great customer service, a stellar star rating might be what ultimately sways someone to buy from you.
  • Send off your item with care. I wrap mine in tissue paper and add a personalized note. I was on the receiving end of a personal note with my ‘Spade boots and it was genuinely heart warming!
  • Stay organized. I set up an excel sheet to keep track of what I have posted and it’s sale price. I’m tracking the posted date to see how each item performs. This way I can price adjust as I go.
  • Keep shipping prices in mind. You want to make a profit, right? Take a look at shipping costs for average packages around Canada and don’t undervalue your products.

My second sale was Feb. 4th, 2021. I had gone in the evening before to update my price because … I didn’t make a dime on the first sale! Nope. I had undervalued myself and paid more for shipping than what I got from the sale! Especially after the $1.25 PayPal processing fee. I learned the lessons and tweaked my pricing and shipping costs. I woke up to a sale.

Do you have any experience with second hand clothing sales? Have you tried Depop or Poshmark or gone with an in person option like Style Encore or Plato’s Closet?

I’ve had so many good experiences with Style Encore. A blog post on my closet refresh with them is coming soon!

The second sale heading to her new home!

What tips and tricks would you add to the list? I’m here for info sharing so leave me your hot takes in the comments below!

Happy selling. ☺️

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