The Social Dilemma

Tech experts report on the cost of social media. Nothing is free. Your attention was purchased.

January 31st I deleted all my social media apps. It took only two points from Jared:

Why You Should Delete Your Social Media Accounts.

It’s true. I was addicted. The symptoms were all there. And like all addictions, I couldn’t and wouldn’t take a hard look at my actions.

Oh my, how did I rack up 3 and a half hours of scrolling time? What did I have to show for it? Check out that neat iOS feature, Apple friends:

The easiest way to see the impact of screen time, is to hand the device to children. They won’t want to give it back, they lose time in it, they become irritable and agitated after putting it down. The compulsion to check for notifications increases. You see the numbers and followers and “friends” come into focus as goals and worse.. value barometers, for these young souls.

We are all addicted to our own echo chambers.

Quote from video linked above.

Why are we parents telling kids to get off the devices? To go outside? Is it because it’s better for them? If so, why don’t we want better for ourselves? And isn’t it true that actions speak louder than words? So, by this logic we have to put our devices down first.

Okay parents, then let’s get outside!

Have you seen the Netflix Documentary called The Social Dilemma? The second week of February, eight days after deleting my apps, my partner and I sat down to watch it. The drama part was a little cheesy. The facts drew us in however. Creators and experts from behind these mega apps come forth to tell you about the game. More sinister than we think, is the goal of the players on the other side of this social field.

Look into it for yourself. When you’re ready. The thing about making life changes, as far as I can tell, is that we need to be in a ready and willing place to make a change.

A little bit of fire, at the right time, can keep everything from burning to the ground.

Jordan Peterson

Let Your Insufficiencies Burn Off Like Driftwood

I understand that social networking apps are a wonderful tool, and so I have come back to them after a few weeks off them completely. I’ve turned my notifications all off however. I’m going back with eyes open, and focussed on filling my time chasing goals. I’m exploring fun again too. A paint by numbers. A book I’ve been meaning to read. It feels good and I’m looking to keep it up.

How do you feel about social media? Why do you think these apps are “free”? What is the cost then? Surely the money, expertise, psychological hacks and time that is poured into these distractions, isn’t done free of charge. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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