Easter Baskets

I love making baskets of any kind. Join me for some Easter basket making!

Basket making 🧺

Basket Fillers

I wanted a basket that would be useful after the fact, so I went to my local Dollarstore armed with a list. I knew what the base of the baskets would look like:

  • Re-usable basket
  • Snacks and treats
  • An Easter craft
  • Something useful
  • Something fun

Here’s what I ended up with brainstorming for the baskets:

Snack Fillers

Sesame snaps
Rice Krispies
Mini ginger ale cans
Mini Jar of Easter eggs
Lindt bunny

Useful & Fun Fillers

Slip on garden shoes
Water bottle
Bunny ears
Easter craft
Gardening gloves
Sensory toys

Adult Easter Basket Fillers

Mini champagne
Orange juice
Salty snacks
Gardening gloves
Ginger ale
Grocery list

While I’m not quite finished with the adult baskets, these kiddo ones filled out quite nicely!

Do you have a formula for your Easter baskets too?!

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