Pose Break Down

Tadasana | Mountain pose

Weight balanced between all four corners of the feet. Hips knees and ankles in line. Knees should be slightly bent, not locked, but hold some energy here.

All lined up with hips over knees and knees over ankles. “Hip Headlights” face front, not facing either side but squarely front. Abs are engaged and “turned on”. Low back is straight.

Pelvis is not slouching back nor dumping forward. Ribs away from the hips, reaching upward with the chest. Fingers spread and reaching, palms face front.

A few breaths here. Namaste.

Urdhva Hastasana | Extended Standing pose

Even balance on all four corners of feet, base is set up like Tadasana. Knees are easy and energized, hips knees and ankles are all lined up. Ribs are pulling up and away from the hips, and abs are energized.

With palms facing forward, and on an inhale, raise the arms to a big V shape above your head. Exhale and lower the arms. Repeat. Option for “Goal post arms” to really open up those shoulders.

Focus on inhale to rise, exhale to lower.

Vrikasana| Tree Pose

Line up your “hip headlights” to both face front. The leg you are balancing on should have the heel lined up behind the centre of the toes. The leg you are lifting, should be externally rotated. Remember to keep the core engaged. You can lift only the heel to the ankle, or place the foot below or above the knee. Never place the foot on the knee itself. Hands can rest on the hips, or have the arms positioned down with the palms facing out. Option to raise the arms to a big V above the head, or in “goal post” arms. Practice builds balance – there is no other way!

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