This site is intended to share my love of yoga and meditation, tools that I continue to practice in order to be present and befriend the self.

I hope to share some of the space and ease, learned over twelve years of personal practice, and now, yoga teacher training, with you.

Certified by Brett Larkin

Established in early 2021, With Love, Esta is a blog and evolving personal project. With an aim to share these physical, mental and emotional tools with you, I am working on building out my own knowledge to bring this direct experience to the mat, and to you.

My goal is to break down poses in an easy to understand way, to provide guided meditations that clock in around three minutes, and eventually – to bring yoga flows that are both brimming with options and short and sweet.

The guided meditations written here, are also available in audio format, everywhere you listen to podcasts. (Just search ‘With Love, Esta’)

I earned my Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour certification (CYT200) at the end of summer 2021. In order to deepen my knowledge, I have enrolled in a further 300 hour CYT course. I will be sharing here as much as I can. I am finding my inner teacher and will be learning to teach, and teaching to learn.

With Love, Esta

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