Introducing 1:1 Sessions

Meditation or Yoga or both!


I am a certified Yoga Teacher, with over a decade of meditation experience. My direct experience with anxiety and depression symptoms, drove me to collect tools that would help me in my day to day. Now I want to share those tools with you!


Meditation or yoga sessions, or a combo of both. 1/2 hour and 1 hour sessions available.


Booking opened Feb 15, 2023 and you can choose a time that works for you. (Booking is through my Facebook page for now.)


Virtual sessions are available, or in person if you’re in Winnipeg, MB. Booking is through my Facebook page for now.


Working from a place of love, and teaching tools/practises that have helped me, is calling me – I’ve got to share!


We will sit down on the first meeting and go over your desired outcome. Do you want to make meditation a practise in your life? Do you want to learn the names of yoga poses, so you can confidently attend a yoga class? Do you want a combo of meditation and yoga? Are you into yoga but want to go deeper on the spiritual side? Whatever your goals are, I look forward to our first session.
Our first session only needs to be 30 minutes, and we will customize a plan for you going forwards. If one off appointments are your speed, that works for me too.

Book a meditation or yoga session with me when it suits your schedule!

See the 1:1 highlight on my page @withloveesta to book. And please drop a comment or message me with your questions! 🥰

Photo by Stephanie Janet Photos

Published by WithLoveEsta

I believe that yoga is applicable in modern living, and I apply my direct experience to sharing guided meditations, and coming soon - yoga videos!

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