From the Archives: 10 Ways to Level up your Confidence

The second From the Archives Friday: we are re-visiting a post swap from Alyssa on confidence. Self motivation comes from within, from pushing past that mental chatter and choosing what is getting you closer to your dreams.

A post swap by Alyssa!

What makes her so sure of herself? You know her. The girl that walks into a room and lights it up with her presence. She speaks with ease, confident in what she is saying and sure of her power.

She has everything she wants and is chasing her dreams. Unfazed by setbacks and poor outcomes she overcomes difficult times with grace and forgiveness. 

She’s never too hard on herself but pushes through distractions and negativity and comes out the other side stronger, smarter and better.

I’m sure you have a picture of a person in your head but what I’m really trying to do is get you to envision yourself as this girl. Because that’s exactly who you are, you just haven’t realized it yet. 

Don’t worry, though. I’m here to guide you.

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Confidence can be learned.

Confidence is one of the most essential traits for any successful person to possess. But, what if I told you that confidence isn’t really a trait at all, rather a daily habit. 

I know, mind blowing!

So instead of waiting impatiently for the day the universe decides to give you the confidence to ask for that promotion or kiss your crush you can CHOOSE to already have it. 

Making your dreams come true and true faith in yourself could now happen in a matter of weeks thanks to a few tweaks to your already perfect self. 

As with any other habit in order for it to be effective and stick you need to put the work in everyday. Showing up for yourself in this way can improve your life drastically and open doors you never even saw before. 

With that being said let’s get into 10 Ways to Level Up Your Confidence

  1. Showing up and being consistent. 

Being an active participant in your personal life and really putting in an effort will have major pay offs, not just in your relationships but also in your career, passions and projects. Make sure to follow through with plans and practice being more transparent with loved ones. 

  1. Get familiar with failure. 

Confident people don’t take failure personally. They choose to see failure as a learning lesson. Developing a thick skin for when things don’t go your way can help you bounce back when you’ve stumbled. Just keep crushing it!

  1. Body language.

Review your body language and what it says about you. Do you stand tall with your head held high or cower and make yourself physically inferior to others. Can you stand to make eye contact when speaking to someone? Are you an active listener or stuck in your head? Changing the way you present yourself will boost your confidence as well as make others perceive you as more confident.

Here’s Janine Driver breaking down how to read body language.
  1. Take notes and track your progress.

Brainstorm, list your wins and note your realizations. Acknowledging your accomplishments, big or small can build up your confidence in yourself over time. Track your progress by keeping a journal and dedicate it to your goals and progress. 

Record every win and set back, all your thoughts and ideas, processes and systems. Having this to look back on will improve your confidence because you will be able to actually see the mountains you are moving in your life.

  1. Community over competition. 

Confident people pay no mind to others’ opinions. They share their secrets and success with others and want to see their friends succeed as much as themselves. Keep watering your grass and don’t be concerned if others’ is greener.

  1. Set goals and challenge yourself.

Challenge yourself. Learn a new skill, go back to school, quit your job and start a business. Take yourself out of your box and expand your possibilities through challenges. Confident people are go getters with goals so set some SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) for yourself today!

  1. Fake it until you make it.

If the above tips aren’t working for you just do what I did for a long time. Wake up every day and pretend to be a confident person. Just do the thing you need to do to get you closer to your goals. Even if you feel silly on the inside make your outward appearance radiate confidence in all you do. Eventually it’ll just stick and you won’t even have to try. 

  1. Discard your negative bias and shift your mindset.

Do you feel limited? Overwhelmed, hopeless, dumb, unmotivated etc? These negative thoughts are a result of life experiences you have gone through and past pain not dealt with. How you choose to process and act on these negative life experiences makes up your overall state, or mindset. 

Once you let go of your negative bias you can begin to shift your mindset into that of a growth one. Instead of believing you are not good enough and playing that thought on repeat think of all the amazing qualities you possess. 

  1. Positive affirmations.

Affirmations can energize, and awaken lifelong desires and improve your relationships and even health. Some good ones to recite are:

I am confident in my abilities

I am talented and intelligent

I am free of worry and regret

I look forward to the future

Only I can do what I can do

Everyday I am growing and learning

Here’s a quick video to listen to as you brush your teeth, from Sunny
  1. Be authentic. 

Being free to be unapologetically yourself is the BIGGEST confidence habit out there. Releasing your fear and the pressure to please people will unlock the type of confidence that builds empires and changes lives.

A friendly reminder

Confidence ebbs and flows like any other energy. If you wake up one day feeling unconfident and unmotivated don’t let that tear down all the work you put in. This is a reminder that you are only human and not every day are you going to feel like a boss.

Confidence is a journey and not a destination but worthwhile in the end. You have the power and the ability to do what is necessary to live your best life!

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