Body Scan Meditation

Find a comfortable seat.

Take a big, deep inhale and let it out with a sigh.

Close your eyes and drop the shoulders.

Try to release any thoughts and commentary on the day, as you take this moment to come home to yourself.


Lift your heart space, and settle your tailbone.


Bring your chin down towards your chest.


Bring your chin level to the floor.

Exhale and find a neutral sitting position.

Notice how your jaw feels. If your eyebrows are lifted or furrowed. Or relaxed.

We will do a brief body scan. Just checking in with the incredible vessel that carries you through your day.

How do your feet feel? Are they sore? Tired? Rested? Happy?

Notice your ankles and feel into the muscles of your calf.

How are your legs today? Powerful? Achy? Asking for a stretch? Take a pause and let the whole leg. From hip to heel. Just relax.

While we’re at the hips, see what these points of movement feel like. Can you relax anything around them? Ease back into yourself.

Let’s see where the breath is. No need to change how you’re breathing. Just noticing. Where does it go?

Is your tummy moving with the air? Is the air filling the top of your chest? I sometimes find the air here or at what feels like the base of my throat. When I notice I try to deepen the next breath just a little bit. Then the next breath, a little bit more.

See where your shoulders are today. Are they moving with your inhale and exhale? Are they taut or holding onto the day? How about your arms? Can you relax the wrists and the elbows. Letting the arms just be.

How about your neck? The head and the muscles and wiring running up the back of your neck and down your shoulders. Maybe try moving the head in a circle and feel how that feels along the back of the neck.

Lastly. How is your heart today? Is it light? Heavy? Take a moment to be with yourself and just acknowledge how you are in this moment. You can be totally honest with yourself. Be gentle and know that every day the answer to this question will be different.

With one final inhale – and exhale – together. Thank you for joining me.

With love,


Published by WithLoveEsta

I believe that yoga is applicable in modern living, and I apply my direct experience to sharing guided meditations, and coming soon - yoga videos!

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