Where to Start with Meditation

Train the Puppy

I learned early in my years of meditation, that the mind wanders. It’s natural. It wants to problem solve, ruminate, forecast, report the weather. Practising meditation is like training a puppy. Know that the puppy will run around all over the place. It will get distracted. Redirect the puppy with all the love in your heart. The cool thing about humans is we can step into this third person seat, and just witness. That’s the seat of mediation. Witnessing.

It’s Not so Sacred

Meditation doesn’t need to be only in a cross legged position, with incense wafting in the air and a flower behind your ear. Meditation can be taking a few deep belly breaths as you wash dishes. Or taking your headphones out on a walk outside. Meditating can be done listening to a guided meditation or just checking in to all areas of the body. It’s more accessible than any other tool – one can always step into the seat of the witness and just be present.

Tune Out to Tune In

Yes, silent meditation is powerful. But the beginner meditator might want to download a meditation app, or search guided meditation on YouTube or Spotify. In as little as five minutes, you can be guided through a visualization, breathing exercise, or gratitude practise – all of which bring positives into your day immediately!

Thank you for reading this guide on where to get started with meditation. Find me on Instagram @withloveesta for more content on meditation!

Published by WithLoveEsta

I believe that yoga is applicable in modern living, and I apply my direct experience to sharing guided meditations, and coming soon - yoga videos!

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