Meditation SOS

Hi, I come to you today with a bit of a racing heart, and I feel like I have been shallowly breathing all day. Maybe you’ve had a day like this, too. So I thought together we could take a few deep breaths, remember that we are all powerful and sometimes that’s scarier than the problem in front of us.
But I find courage in the fact that within me, there is an energy and a power that will rival the energy and the power that is external to me. If that makes sense. What I’m saying is that we are very strong creatures. So let’s, let’s pull on that a little bit.

Let’s relax the shoulders, drop your shoulders away from your ears. Notice if you are slouching or if you’ve locked your jaw or your knees, just take a moment to scan over your body from head to toe and seek this tension.
Where do you feel it? Is it butterflies in your stomach? How do you describe that? Is it a tightness in your throat? Do you feel like maybe you swallowed a bubble? Just notice what it feels like for you, become very curious with these sensations and feel them out fully, just becoming more aware of your body and the signals it gives off for you.
Good. And if you want to close your eyes and take a few easy breaths with me, please feel free to do so, or keep your eyes open. Just a relaxed gaze in front of you.

We’re going to take a few deep breaths. It’s going to be in the style of box breathing, which has historically been very good for calming me down. And maybe it’ll be helpful for you too. So we’re going to breathe in to the count of four hold for four seconds, exhale to the count of four hold for four seconds and repeat.
It makes like a little square in your mind. If you can see it here.

So together, we’ll inhale.
Hold exhale, hold in through the nose. Hold I looked through the mouth, hold in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Now let your breathing return to normal. Thank you for joining me for a little unusual meditation. I think I needed it just as much as you with love Esta.

Published by WithLoveEsta

I believe that yoga is applicable in modern living, and I apply my direct experience to sharing guided meditations, and coming soon - yoga videos!

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